Sexy Leather belts for women

Every Leather Belt of Collection from “Sex Syndrome” is made by hand from the highest quality natural leather and finished with furniture (buckles,rivets,struggle,eyelets) featuring laser cut artwork. There gorgeous works are odorless and will keep their shine and luster over time. Leather Belts „Sex Syndrome“ come in women´s sized XS,S,M and L.

Our Leather Belts are manufactured with great attention to detail and flair for the extravagant women with exceptional taste. Perfectly cut, excellent finishing and highly qualified material make the “Sex Syndrome” Leather Belts especially unique and women who appreciate quality and style always notice a Leather Belt from “Sex Syndrome! You can wear there Leather Belts in a Fetish Club, Kinky Party, Swinger event, game room as also for a special romantic Date as well as an accessory in your everyday life together with a dress, t-shirt or also with a blouse for that extra pop of style.

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