Sexy Leather belts for women

The unique Leather Belts Collection “Sex Syndrome” still left no one woman indifferent! Every Leather Belt is made by hand from high valued natural leather, is fixed with metal sewing equipment (buckles, rivets, struggle, eyelets) and is decorated with the laser cut. The Furniture has no smell, does not change the colour and respectively does not lose her shine. Thanks to the closures, the articles, according to length, width and size are adjustable – for women who have sizes XS, S, M, or L.

All Leather Belts are manufactured with great attention to detail and flair for extravagant women with good taste. Perfect cut, excellent treatment and highly qualified material make the “Sex Syndrome” Leather Belts especially unique. Women who looks for the high quality are exactly right by “Sex Syndrome”! Leather Belts are wearable in a Fetish Club, Kinky Party, Swinger event, game room or also fot a special romantic Date as well as an accessory in the everyday clothing together with a tight dress, t-shirt, shirt or even blouse for a special kick. For women who put their body lustfully in scene, new interesting, unusual model are always created.