Leather Masks

Enchanting Leather Masks „Sex Syndrome“ with laser cut are manufactured from the solid smooth nature leather. Each Leather Mask is reinforced from inside so that the mask does not loose her form but still conveys you a comfortable wearing feel. They feel amazing on your skin and look gorgeous! Thanks bucklets all Leather Masks are adjustable according to the size and width of the head and neck.
Leather Mask “Sex Syndrome” complete every unforgettable outfit. Each “Sex Syndrome” Mask serves as an interesting accessory to a seductive game. Combinate Leather Mask “Sex Syndrome” together with Leather Harnesses and Lingerie “Sex Syndrome” and let everyone look at you! Whether it is a kinky party, a swinger event, a disco or a romantic date, the great performance is guaranteed. Leather Masks „Sex Syndrome“ conjure amazingly your beautiful facial lines. Perfect decision for your photoshooting.