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“Sex Syndrome” is a leather fashion brand which stands for finest quality and hottest design. Our leather fashion will  stimulate your imagination and change your self-perception. “Sex Syndrome” stands out through fine handwork and exceptional quality. Our unique fetish wear is developed with great attention to detail and true passion for fetish fashion.

Top-10 Products “Sex Syndrome”

Chain harness bra “Kiss”

Bondage “Laser”

Overknees boots

BH with fringe

Mask “Cat”

Mask Bunny engraved

Top “Womanizer”

Slip “Permission”

Mask “Brutal”

Mask “Devil”

Leather Harness – the perfect gift

“Sex Syndrome” leather fashion encompasses a wide range of articles. Starting with leather harnesses, chain harnesses, leather bodies and bras as well as leather or chain fringe skirts up to small accessories such as bunny and cat masks or chokers, it offers anything fetish lovers can dream of. Our unique articles come in a variety of shapes and designs. However, you should not hesitate to place an order as most of our articles are size-adjustable which furthermore makes them the perfect gift.

Create your festival outfit

Being of finest quality, our leather harnesses and masks are a perfect accessory for a festival such as Burning Man, Coachella, Tomorrowland or other music festivals. Spice up your party outfit with one of our leather fringe skirts or a choker when you head to the next SM or fetish party. You will also be the star with our leather fashion at any swinger event or SM party.

Leather lingerie & leather bondage 

Needless to say, that our leather lingerie can be combined with everyday clothing such as a blouse, dress or t-shirt.  If you feel in the mood for a little more action, you can go for a chique leather bondage or a leather harness. It gently clings to your skin while letting it breath and highlighting your beautiful curves. Treat yourself with our luxurious leather products or buy it as a present. “Sex Syndrome” is perfect product for any women and any occasion. Just try it, you won’t regret! 

   The 5 Benefits of Full Grain Leather

Simply put, full grain leather is the real deal, the best you can get. In our products, this kind of richness, depth and character is only possible with full grain leather.
When people first hear the term full grain leather they sometimes think it means that the leather will look really grainy or pebbly. That is not the case. Full grain refers to the full, unadulterated hide in its natural form.
Full grain leather is the strongest and most durable part of the hide. It is made from the top layer of the hide, which allows for the hide’s natural surface to be preserved. It will not crack, peel or tear and there are other benefits to choosing this quality leather over others.
  1. Unique appearance: as mentioned above, because full grain leather is made from the top layer of the hide keeps all the marks and scars the animal had. This means your piece will be original and beautiful.
  2. Ages beautifully: full grain leather is the only kind of leather which becomes more beautiful over time. Your piece becomes in investment that won’t spoil in time.
  3. Strongest leather: the stronger the material, the more durable it will be. The vertical fibres of this part of the hide are what provide this benefit to full grain leather. It won’t crack, tear, puncture, or peel; and the grain pattern is firm and moisture-resistant.
  4. Develops a ‘patina’: as full grain leather ages, it develops a change in color (a.k.a patina). This is a sought-after characteristic in leather. The change in color usually happens faster if the piece is not treated.
  5. Low maintenance: full grain leather is easy to care for. In fact, we recommend simply wiping your piece down with a cloth every now and then, to prevent dust and dirt from building up. We also suggest storing your piece in a humidity-controlled environment in order to keep the leather soft.
This is why you should opt for full grain leather over other types of leathers. With full grain leather you know your piece will not get ruined over time, but rather increase in beauty. 

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